Terms and Conditions

Check-in time: 3:00 pm.
Check-out time: 12:00 pm.
Late check-out fee is $25.00 dlls per hour. (Please check availability with Front Desk)

  • You must confirm your reservation 72 hours before arrival.
  • All reservations will require a down payment.
  • We request for a $100.00 USD down payment to guaranty your reservation. Cancel with at least 72 hours’ notice. Cancellation notice is required for a full refund, Cancellations received after this period will be subject to 1 Night charge in these cases.
  • If reservations are not confirmed they will be canceled.
  • Due to reasons beyond our control, we are not able to guarantee that you will be given a particular unit, but we will do our best to satisfy you.
  • Only registered guests are allowed to enter the complex
  • Long-term rentals (more than thirty days), will require the tenant to pay all the condominium utility bills.
  • Maximum capacity allowed per condominium and recommended number of guests to sleep comfortably:
    • 1 Bedroom up to 4 guests, 2 sleep comfortably (including children over 5 years old)
    • 2 Bedrooms up to 6 guests, 4 sleep comfortably (including children over 5 years old)
    • 3 Bedrooms up to 8 guests, 6 sleep comfortably (including children over 5 years old)
    • 4 Bedrooms up to 10 guests, 8 sleep comfortably (including children over 5 years old)
  • Please secure your vehicle when parking. Although we have a controlled entrance and 24-hour security, Rosarito Inn is not responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or contents left inside; we recommend you do not leave any valuables inside.
  • Parking authorizations:
    • 1 – 2 bedroom condos are allowed to use only one parking space per condo.
    • 3 – 4 bedroom condos are allowed to use only two parking spaces per condo.
  • Guests should be prepared to show their wrist bands at the control gate upon entering or exiting the complex and when using the pool or jacuzzi.
  • Pool and Jacuzzi are for Rosarito Inn guest only.
  • The maximum number of guests (including children) that are allowed in the unit depends of the capacity.
  • You may park your vehicle in the upper level of the parking structure.
  • The timetable and the rules of the pool & jacuzzi are written at the pool.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult while in the pool.
  • No person under 16 years is allowed in the jacuzzi.
  • No nudity of any kind.
  • No bottles or glass in the pool & common areas.
  • People found playing with the elevator will be subject of a fine.
  • Barbecuing is not allowed on the balconies (use the clubhouse area)
  • Excessive noise & offfensive behavior are prohibited.
  • Noisy activities (music or radio loud, rowdy groups of people) are not permitted after 10:00 pm.
  • Fireworks must be 100 meters away from the building and are not allowed after 10:00 pm.
  • No fireworks in the property, on the balconies or in the beach of Oceana.
  • No pets allowed
  • Property remaining on-premises is considered abandoned after (1) a client has been absent for at least 30 days and has not contacted Hotel for delivery or hold the items for less than 30 Days. The Hotel is not responsible for after 30 days.
  • Rosarito Inn will highly appreciate Your cooperation in complying with these rules and regulations, which are intended to ensure a safe and peaceful accommodation for our Guests.